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"You are a member of a strong sorority. One that ranks with the best in the country. Live it, talk it, dream it, work for it. In no other way can you so effectively convince others of its beauty, its greatness, and its power!" 
-The Phoenix

Recruitment and Greek Terminology


"Rush is the most important function of sorority. Without continued membership, the sorority can not survive! It must be done year round."


Alpha Sigma Alpha can  hand out bids to first semester freshman. You must have a high school GPA of 3.0 or better.


Greek Terminology
~ A person who has been initiated into a lifelong membership of a Greek organization, an undergraduate member
~ A person who is no longer an undergraduate member of a Greek organization because they have graduate college
Badge~The symbol worn by an initiated member of a Greek Letter organization

Bid~ An invitaion to join a fraternity or sorority
Chapter~ The order of a national organizations initiation. Each organization follows a Greek Letter order: For example, the first chapter is the "Alpha Chapter" the next is "Beta" etc. A collegiate chapter of an organization
Depledge~ The termination of a pledge's affiliation with a Greek Organization. Depledging still requires that the ex-new member respects the traditions of the fraternity or sorority by retaining all secret activities.
Dry Rush~ Alcohol is forbidden at any rush function
Event~ A scheduled program during the new membering process
Formal Recruitment~ The structured recruitment process in the spring semester
Greek~ A name associated with a member of a Greek Letter Organization
Informal Rush~ The semi-structured recruitment process in the fall
Initiation~ A formal ceremony that initiates new members into full, active membership
Inter-fraternity Council (IFC)~ Governing body of fraternities
Invitation~ A request by a sorority to go to the next round or process of new membering
Lavaliering~ the practice of a fraternity member giving his lavalier to a woman signifying a committed relationship between the two. The next step is "pinning."
Legacy~ A student participation in the membership process whose parent, grandparent, brother, or sister is an alumni member of a Greek Organization
"Local" Organization~ A greek letter group which exists on campus but has no affiliation with a national Greek organization
New Member~ A student participating in the membership process of a fraternity or sorority also called associate members and formally known as a pledge
Panhellenic (NPC)~ A national governing body over twenty-six sororities and six at Edinboro University

Pinning~ The practice of a fraternity member giving his members badge to a woman, it is a precursor to engagement

Rushee~ A non-member of a Greek organization that is eligible to visit, rush, and become a new member of a fraternity or sorority.
ota~ A total number of new members a sorority can have join
Total~ The largest a sorority can be at a certain school